The Oraglass

Oraglass Silhouette

World Leader in Women & Transformation

The Oraglass is a measure or shape of time - from nothing to abundance.
The silhouette speaks the body shape, meaning the measure of time articulated in a body shape.

The Oraglass Silhouette brand is symbolised by the Oraglass token as pictured. It is not only a pictorial portray of the founder’s body structure but a life principle symbol for the child of the universe to know that hard work really pays, taking you from nothing to abundance. Let this Oraglass token be a moral regeneration tool to educate the South African Child that this hard earned democracy will take her/his hard work to sustain.

"Hard work pays my child even as asserted by the Word - the lazy should not even eat."

What is the Oraglass Silhouette?

"Time has come for an African woman to head the world"

Oratiloe Tshehla The Oraglass Silhouette is so named after it's founder, Oratiloe Tshehla, and her body structure.

"Oratiloe is a Sotho name meaning God’s Delight."

More like the hour glass but distinguished by the glass features; the hour glass being proportional top-to-bottom and the Oraglass disproportional; tiny top-to-waist and a broader bottom.

This body structure goes beyond entices the eye because it is a striking transformation story of the South African nation told in an ever seen creativity, indeed a life principle.

Acknowledging the beauty and wealth of the diverse body types of South African women, the Oraglass Silhouette is generally a standard South African woman’s body shape and deserves to be appreciated for its beauty and treated with respect by both men and women.

Proudly South African member logoThis Proudly South African brand is about turning determined women into thinking tanks for the growth of their economies, making women realise the significance of their contribution in the bigger picture.

As explicitly displayed by the head of the woman in the Oraglass Silhouette logo which resembles the map of Africa, no word can say it better, "The time has come for an African woman to Head the world"

To realise this, the brand is built on these three pillars;
Education, Healthy Living and Style & Image.

Our Philosophy

The head of the woman in the Oraglass Silhouette logo signifies the map of Africa meaning, “Time has Come for the African Woman to Head the World”

Oraglass Silhouette description bracketsOraglass Silhouette description bracketsTiny Top means from nothing, referring to the hardships encountered in the initial phases of life, think of the time when our Global Icon, Nelson Mandela and His Comrades were bringing brains together on how to stop the apartheid system that robbed both blacks and whites of their freedoms.

Even Tinier Waistline as they say just before it dawns it gets even darker, the tinier waistline speaks of the time when Mandela was in jail, the country under complete social and economic unrest, with it being banned from global markets, the strikes, the turmoil, it was tough, but all in preparation of the dawn of a democratic South Africa.

A Broader Bottom means abundance, finally success!
After all hardships endured then comes the dawn of democracy, the rainbow nation is born. But just as this bottom needs the gym and good diet to maintain, the hard earned democracy requires visionary approaches to business and for this reason the Oraglass Silhouette is built on these three pillars:

The Three Pillars of the Oraglass Silhouette

For Effective Leadership
Style &

"This makes the Oraglass Silhouette SA’s heritage, Africa’s pride, world’s revelation and God’s special temple and thus should be treated as such by self respect and that of others."