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Oraglass tokenThe Oraglass token: now the brand trademark makes the fourth business unit in addition to the three pillars. It comes in a form of a display vessel to symbolise Oratiloe’s shape and the story it tells. The token as pictured, edifies the definition of the Oraglass and clears its difference from the hourglass; while the hourglass is defined as a measure of time, the oraglass is defined as a measure or shape of time from nothing to abundance. The token is now produced and is to be distributed in the market for sales.

  • South Africans need to buy the token as a symbol of their national pride for their life changing story told in it.
  • Each South African family should have the Oraglass token in their displays as a symbol for moral regeneration to educate South African children that the freedom enjoyed today did not come easy and it is going to take their hard-work to sustain it.
  • Africa needs the Oraglass token as a symbol of their African pride as portrayed by the head of the woman in the Oraglass Silhouette logo which resembles the African Map only to say,
  • The World needs the Oraglass token as a symbol of transformation needed all around the globe for it is undeniable that the world is in quest for change which can only come by the renewing of the mind.
  • For the child of the universe the Oraglass teaches that hard work is the key to success, no press button strategy can do it for them.

This makes the Oraglass Silhouette a body shape out of the ordinary, one to be celebrated in meaningful ways of advancing the course of development through visionary business strategies. The Oraglass Silhouette business strategy of focussing on women empowerment was enlightened by research findings that revealed that women are still lagging behind on issues of development and considering that the envisaged economic growth requires the full utility of the available human capital, women empowerment stood key.

The art work serves therefore to provoke thought into what to do to bring about the desired change, to put a stop to the tenderpreneur spirit that presents a threat to the future of this nation.

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