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"Your Health, Your First Wealth"

As with the world around, women in South Africa are reported to be obese and unhealthy. This is a dire concern in more ways than one if we are to enhance our economies of scale. Women make the majority of the population groups and thus their health should receive considerable attention in growing economies too. In response to this critical need, the Oraglass Silhouette promotes healthy living for women through a campaign called, “Your health, Your First Wealth”.

The morale being, what help does it make to have it all in life yet with a compromised health? Thus through this campaign the Oraglass Silhouette upholds the value of healthy living as a lifestyle starting with the very basics of regular hand washing to planting that pumpkin seed at the back yard to regular checks of one’s health condition (blood sugar levels, cholesterol, BMI etc).

It cannot be over emphasised how lifestyles have changed over time and how these changes have tremendously affected human health but of particular importance is for people to be continuously educated to do the right things to stay healthy. The kind of life lived today has to a very large extent reduced the level of activity that the previous life offered and this calls for more awareness raising and intervention. People used to walk distances to the rivers, the bushes, fields for various domestic reasons, eating purely organic food and because of the manual means of doing things applied then, people had a high level of patience and less stress levels and such activities had a positive impact on their health.

Today with such a fast forwarded civilisation, people (also called microwave generation) spend the whole time sitting either on a computer, TV, play station etc eating all sorts of processed food that leaves them no room of patience for anything causing them unnecessary stress and all these have a negative effect on the their health with the stress levels culminating into chronic ills. These are critical factors of health that cannot be taken for granted but which require the 360 degree strategies to deal with. Interesting to note is how these ills seem to be sexist as they seem to affect more women than they would men. Is it because women are still stuck at home with the domestics while men are out there interacting with the world at different levels and thus getting all the exposure and information that always keeps them so ahead? These and others are myths and stereotypes that requires conscious effort to deal with.

Thus the Oraglass Silhouette aims to make more noise on women and healthy living as a women empowering tool.This interest in educating and encouraging women to live healthily has a multiple effect on the lives of women because as they take good care of their health, women will not only stay strong and healthy but they will enhance that critical element of womanhood; beauty. With the acknowledgement of the wealth of diversity around South African women body types, the Oraglass body shape is a body shape of a standard South African woman. In general a South African woman’s shape is a tiny top, small waist and a broader bottom until indulgence into processed foods and no activity kicks in then the small waistline turns into something undesirable; a fat belly which causes all sorts of health problems at the end. The Oraglass is determined to encourage South African women to get down and claim their Oraglass figure back by hook or by crook through the gym and good diet.