Oraglass Silhouette Style & ImageStyle at the Oraglass Couture

Style is what distinguishes a classic woman from the rest.

Style has more to do with the inner you than what is out there so that what is out there should not interfere much with the real you. Knowing who you are and what you stand for is what enhances your sense of style making it easier to sustain your classic self. If you know who and what you are, it becomes easier to compliment it with clothing that speak you without words and more importantly, without getting you overboard on your budget.

As they say, "nothing like a woman who wears for her body type", it simply means make yourself presentable in the way you dress up to enhance your self-confidence and that of others in you. If you know your body shape, you will clothe it in ways that makes it stand out no matter its type; it’s a question of style. Though the Oraglass figured woman is generously blessed with features highly demanded in women circles, the silhouette still stands out in certain clothing styles than it would in others.
"What to wear for your Oraglass Figure"

Remember the Oraglass Silhouette is more between the pear shape (slimmer torso) and the hourglass (visible breast, even tinier waistline and a broader bottom/calabash). These are sought after features and you should know how to make them visible to appease the eye. The good news is:

Your tiny top gives you those slimmer arms saving you from that under arms "say-goodbye-same-time" that others would rather conceal. So reveal those arms!

Your even tinier waist-line and no unwanted belly is the cream of the crop. This is what get women do all kinds of things to get, be sure to zoom it! Let it be seen! Remember this beauty is as well for you to appreciate as it is for God’s whole creation. So show it all off, even He likes it!

Your broader bottom, the calabash as I call it, is what highlights the other two, so it need not be highlighted itself, if need be, at least with moderation. This will just be seen without your effort right!

Get Snugly

The trick here is that High Definition Waistline (HDW) and those sexy curves around which to play outfits. For this reason, the Oraglass figured woman is privileged to snuggle top-bottom. Snugly fabrics like knitted and silky does the onus for the Oraglass figure as they effortlessly reveal the art of God’s hand in this creation. The snugly top with a classic pencil skirt for example, accentuate those rare features (the bust, HDW and that calabash) so magnificently that no eye can resist:

Snugly dress styleSnugly dress styleSnugly dress style

High Waists

High waists have a way of playing the elongating role. With the whole obsession for tall-looking in women circles, you can now look tall without really being. So while it permits the HDW to be visibly cognisable, the high waist flows fluently down giving your legs an extended look and allowing a nice tug of the calabash to hug beautifully without strain. Thus if you are a shorter Oraglass, here is the trick to tell the eyes otherwise and if you are vertically advanced, a way to enhance it:

High waist styleHigh waist styleHigh waist style


A-lines, be it skirts or dresses, just take the flatter out of the Oraglass and give it all to the eye. A-line dress in particular just let the Oraglass be what it is, the centre of attraction and I think it’s because every feature get so well positioned in it that the flow of things can only be agreeable; the arms hangs nicely, the HDW clearly highlighted and the calabash hugging so beautifully that the show should never end.

High waist styleHigh waist styleHigh waist style

Also remember, all things equal, the Oraglass Silhouette is a standard figure for the South African woman. Thus chances are, if you can get down and do the gym and good diet thing, you could as well claim back your Oraglass Silhouette.