The Oraglass Silhouette

- A poem by Oratiloe Tshehla -

Have you seen life explained in a body structure?
Have you, ever imagined time articulated in a body shape?
Neither have I, being to this, and that corner of the world,
This, is a mystery I never knew,
But only until I sloped down the compass, lending in Africa,
Have I met seilatsatsi (beauty queen) Oratiloe Tshehla,

Ngwoanana’ Afrika Borwa, in Africa this is how she is saluted, Ke mothepa’ meetse mathatha bokone maropola ntshwe, Se belegwa ke kgarebe ya boritjjane boritja ka shago.

Contact with this courageous woman told me one thing,
That South Africa has so much to write home about and she doesn’t even know it,
Let South Africa’s wealth of diversity be an inheritance to share with the world,
Let it be a heritage to enhance our economies as seen by Michael Porter, The father of Global Strategic Management who said in his Diamond Model,
"Nations shall capitalise on their strengths to grow their economies".

Oratiloe has heard you Sir Porter and this is the promise she makes to Africa her land,
This is her declaration to everything that has breath in Mzansi Africa, saying it with her mouth even as she believes it in her heart,
That this continent will never be the same again.

No more shall Africa bear the face of poverty, illiteracy and all unrighteousness,
For this land is overflowing with rainbow sons and daughters, determined to take the baton of transformation from the yester icons and fly
Soaring to the ends of the earth, showing the world what Africa is really made of.

And as we celebrate fearless women of this land today,
Let Oratiloe’s body structure be our point of departure,
Let it be a guiding principle into the envisaged transformation,
This body shape is called, the Oraglass Silhouette.

'Ora' from Oratiloe and 'glass' to distinguish it from the hourglass, for while the hourglass is proportional, the Oraglass stays disproportional portraying key issues of life.
The Oraglass Silhouette is not just a body shape to appeal the eye.

Nor is it just a figure to appease those beauty taste buds,
It is a Statement articulating serious issues of life,
Be it economic or social, the Oraglass Silhouette tells it like it is, it is the transformation journey of South Africa told ingeniously.

A  striking story of CHANGE told in an ever seen creativity,
It is fuel for every person, woman or man, local or global
To face life with all courage knowing that,
no well-meant hard work will ever go unnoticed before the Almighty.

It is a woman figure made of a tiny top and even smaller waist, a broader bottom, some calling it, the African Assets
The Oraglass Silhouette outlines the striking life story of a nation,
It is a pictorial diagram spelling out South Africa’s transformation journey.

If the hourglass is the measure of time then,
The Oraglass is the measure of time from nothing, to abundance
The tiny top explains the hardships endured in the initial phases of life,
Think of the time the late Honourable Mandela and his Comrades were bringing brains together.

As to how to stop the apartheid system that robbed both blacks and whites of their freedoms,
The even smaller waist going down tells of how darker it gets just before it dawns,
Here you think of the time he was in jail, the turmoil, the socio-economic unrest in the country,
All in preparation of the dawn, the broader bottom.

And yes, the broader bottom hereafter, speaking abundance,
Explaining that after all hard work, success abounds, finally democracy is here,
But just as this broader bottom requires toning and sculpting to maintain,
The hard- earned democracy requires visionary and strategic ways to sustain.

And for that reason and to sustain this hard earned democracy,
The Oraglass Silhouette brand is built on these three pillars
Education for effective Leadership, Healthy Living and Style.

Thus, "Like Gold through the heavenly Streets, so are the Days of the Oraglass"